Green Lantern Reboot Rumored To Feature Multiple Green Lanterns

wallpaper lanterna verde 30The next Green Lantern movie will feature more than one Green Lantern in a leading role, according to Collider.

Not tied to Ryan Reynolds' film, the new film will reportedly feature at least two and possibly three of the longest-standing Earth-born members of the Green Lantern Corps -- Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart -- appearing together in what could make for a pretty interesting buddy cop-style story.

In the comics, there is generally one Green Lantern at a time who remains on earth while some of the other human Green Lanterns -- there are more than just those three -- end up in space or on "monitor duty" on Oa, the homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe. At various times, there have been more than one Green Lantern of Earth, either because Earth was such a center of conflict that it needed additional help or as a result of circumstances. At one point when the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed and the Guardians in exile, a group of Green Lanterns (some human and some not) came to earth and were headquartered there for an extended period.

The article speculates that at least one of the Green Lanterns may be introduced at Comic Con International: San Diego in July.

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