Go Hunting For Dragon Balls With This Dragon Radar

If you have ever wanted to go hunting for Dragon Balls, then now is your chance. Finding the [...]

If you have ever wanted to go hunting for Dragon Balls, then now is your chance. Finding the illusive, mystical items can be somewhat of a pain; Son Goku will be the first to attest to that. However, there's a company who's making it easier for wannabe Saiyans to find some wish-granting Dragon Balls with a brand-new radar.

Alright, so the item won't help you find real Dragon Balls, but it can help you find virtual orbs. Bandai has made a replica Dragon Radar that looks a lot like the one Bulma carried around in Dragon Ball. The high-quality piece makes noise, plays music, and even beeps to alert carriers when they're nearing a Dragon Ball. Currently, the item is priced at 10,800 yen ($98) and will go on sale in March 2017. You can go ahead and pre-order the item now, and you'll probably want to as the exclusive pieces will sell quick.

If you are not familiar with a Dragon Radar, then you should know the items have a long history with the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans were introduced to the portable radar by Bulma as she created one to help her locate Dragon Balls. The tech can pick up faint electromagnetic pulses which the Dragon Balls emit, and Goku uses various radars during his journey.

In Dragon Ball, fans first see the Dragon Radar being used by Bulma before she meets Goku on Mount Paozu. After the two run into each other, they agree to use the Dragon Radar to locate a Dragon Ball that belongs to Goku's grandfather. Bulma then gifts Goku the radar.

When Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT rolled around, the radar is used frequently by Goku and the Z Fighters. However, the latter series then addresses the downsides to using the radar so often. The gang learn that the overuse of Dragon Balls can create a powerful, dark energy which eventually created a fearsome monsters known as the Shadow Dragons.

(Photo: Bandai )

Most recently, the Dragon Radar has gotten an upgrade with Dragon Ball Super. Bulma is tasked with creating a Super Dragon Radar so she can help the Z Fighters locate the coveted Super Dragon Balls.

So, if you want to be like Bulma, then you can now purchase a Dragon Radar of your own. Just, be careful when it comes to meeting Shenron. The wise dragon is not one to be trifled with.