Golden Globes Fail To Give The Dark Knight Its Due


Holy I’m so going to change the channel after the “Best Supporting Actor” winner is announced. In what might go down as the one of the biggest mistakes ever by the Golden Globes, The Dark Knight received a grand total of only one nomination. Granted the one nomination was a well-deserved nod for Heath Ledger as “Best Supporting Actor,” but the Dark Knight should also have made it in the “Best Motion Picture, Drama” and “Best Director” categories. I can’t really bash the movies that were nominated for “Best Motion Picture, Drama,” because I haven’t seen a single one of them. Then again, most people outside of the Golden Globe voters who nominated the movies probably haven’t seen them. If the Golden Globes are smart, they will save the “Best Supporting Actor” category until last, because it’s the only category that most viewers will likely care about seeing who the winner is. And if Heath Ledger somehow doesn’t win in the “Best Supporting Actor” category, then it is the last Golden Globes telecast that many will likely ever watch. One other interesting nomination was that Robert Downey, Jr. also received a “Best Supporting Actor” nomination for Tropic Thunder. Hello, did any of the Golden Globe voters see Iron Man? They got it right in that Robert Downey Jr. deserved a nomination, but having seen both films, his best role by far this year was as Tony Stark in Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. was funny in Tropic Thunder, but he defined a role and started a franchise in Iron Man. Back to how on earth did the Golden Globe voters overlook The Dark Knight for a “Best Motion Picture, Drama” nomination. If you take all five movies that Golden Globe voters did nominate and add their box office totals to date together, then it’s less than The Dark Knight made on its first day of release. Sure, most of the nominated movies haven’t been widely released yet, but trust me, none of them are going to come even remotely close to catching The Dark Knight. Even though box office receipts aren’t necessarily an indicator of quality, who wants to watch an awards show where the major nominees are movies they haven’t seen? For the love of God, even Space Chimps and Eddie Murphy’s Meet Dave have been seen by more people than the Golden Globes nominated movies for “Best Motion Picture, Drama.”