Graphicly Continues To Push The Envelope of Digital Comic Books

Graphicly, the online digital comics community and comic book reader, continues to stay ahead of everyone when it comes to digital comics. They’ve just announced Graphicly for Facebook, which allows creators and publishers to embed a comic book or graphic novel on any Facebook page. Talk about smart.

Facebook continues to grow, and it’s the largest (and easiest) way for users to share information. The Graphicly app takes advantage of that by allowing users to read comics right on Facebook, as well as share and add comments. It’s an easy way for publishers to pick up new customers, and it’s a great way for users to learn about great titles. The app itself is easy to use, and it even provides a full screen mode so you don’t have to worry about tiny pages. And oh, did I mention that you can buy comic books right there on Facebook? Social commerce is growing quickly, and this is the exact type of impulse buy that should do well on Facebook.

If you’re a publisher, the Graphicly app is perfect for the ‘freemium’ model. Publish some back issues with the app, make those free. Let users spread the word for you. Then, as you release new issues, offer the first couple of pages for free. At that point, lock the customer in with the pay model to finish the rest. If the book is great, they’ll fork over the money and keep reading.

It all comes down to quality. As younger and more tech-savvy users enter the marketplace, they’re becoming more and more used to reading content strictly online. And they won’t have a problem paying for it, as long as the content is good. And with Graphicly having publishers like Top Cow in their arsenal, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Kudos to all for pushing the envelope. Keep it going.