Greatest American Hero Remake Getting Closer To New Pilot

It looks like Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s Greatest American Hero remake has found new legs by [...]


It looks like Phil Lord & Chris Miller's Greatest American Hero remake has found new legs by bringing on writer Rick Famuyiwa. Famuyiwa replaces Rodney Rothman when the project was first announced last year.

Greatest American Hero is the latest 1980's revival that fans are hotly anticipating make their way back to the silver screen. Fans won't have to worry about a gritty re-imagining of the series however. Deadline describes it as "the story of what happens when great power is not met with great responsibility. An ordinary man, completely content with being average, wakes up with a superpower suit he never asked for and has to deal with the complications it brings his life."

If this drama-comedy touches on even a little of what Lord and Miller have done from The Last Man On Earth, this show could be the perfect blend of superheroic comedy that fans have been looking for.

The original The Greatest American Hero was created by Steven J. Cannell and starred William Katt and Robert Culp. The series ran for three seasons on ABC.

(Via Deadline)