GREEN LANTERN, DETECTIVE COMICS To Begin Shipping With Combo Packs in April

In a week where Marvel is getting much more aggressive on the digital comics front, their crosstown competition at DC Comics has announced another move forward. Green Lantern and Detective Comics, two of the publisher's titles that have consistently appeared in the industry's top ten-selling periodicals since the September 2011 relaunch, will be available in a polybagged "combo pack" edition, which will cost an extra dollar and include a free digital download code inside. The combo packs will be available starting with April's #8 issues. The issues join Justice League, Action Comics and Batman as the titles DC is selling digital combo packs for. The company recently told Newsarama that both Batman and Detective Comics will go up from $2.99 to $3.99 in 2012. This means that all five of the comics DC sells as digital combo packs will cost $4.99 for the bagged versions. Marvel, meanwhile, has been including a digital download code as a free add-on to many of their $3.99 titles. This will make Marvel's digital combo packs a dollar less than DC's, and remove the option that DC readers have to decline a digital copy and save a buck.