Guardians of the Galaxy: More Casting Rumors Emerge

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art

Even though they seem to have been shot down on their massive Planet Hulk scoop, Latino Review continues to reliably deliver casting news on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy which are corroborated by other reporters later on.

The latest? MMA fighter Dave Bautista is the current frontrunner for the role of Drax the Destroyer. "Jason Momoa is still in the mix, but now I’m also told that former wrestler Dave Bautista is the other top candidate," reports the site. "It’s between them two actors. Half want Momoa who is holding out for a better deal, and the other half want Bautista who will next be seen in Universal’s Riddick."

They also claim that X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Kevin Durand is testing for a role in the film, although he didn't know which one. With only the animated characters and Gamora remaining uncast on the team, though, it seems likely he'll play a villain working under Thanos if the rumors are true.