Harry Potter Actor Says A Surprising Love Triangle Was Cut From Deathly Hallows

Oh, to be young and in love. There are few things sweeter than teenage romances, and Hollywood has dedicated its fair share of films to testify that fact. Even blockbusting franchises such as Harry Potter haven't been immune to the young love's charm since wizards and witches at Hogwarts could be seen snogging one another. The films focused heavily on the romance between that of Hermione and Ron, but that love was threatened by another man in the fourth film. And, now, that actor has revealed his wooing almost continued.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Stanislav Ianevski spoke about his time on the set of Harry Potter as quidditch superstar Viktor Krum. The hero was introduced to moviegoers through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and fans fell for his charm. When the athlete set his eyes on Hermione Granger, Hogwarts was turned upside and Ron Weasley's heart was pulled in all sorts of directions. Luckily, the affair was a brief one, but Ianevski just revealed that their love triangle was almost drawn out.

"[Yates] invented a new story that wasn't in the books, a love triangle between Viktor Krum, Hermione, and Ron," Ianevski said, "but that was cut out of the film because it obviously didn't fit with all the horrible things that happen in the last book."

The actor continued to describe the scene from the seventh film where fans would have seen the romance rekindle. "We did a new dance scene, I sort of stole [Hermione] from Ron," he said.

"She remembered our old times, Viktor was acting like a gentleman again, happy to see her, she was happy to see him. Ron was sitting on the side, was jealous, and then Viktor took her to the dance floor." Ianevski believes that tension could have continued from there, and that Viktor might have won over Hermione in the end."

Of course, fans of the Harry Potter books do know that Viktor reunites with Hermione in the seventh book. The pair see one another at Bill and Fleur's wedding, and Viktor greets the witch with enthusiasm. However, Ron interrupts the two and asks Hermione to dance with him, leaving Viktor alone with a disguised Harry Potter at his side.

It seems that Yates deleted scene reimagined how the wedding might have gone if Viktor had gotten the chance to dance with Hermione. However, the added tension didn't fit in with the rest of the film - a fact that Hermione/Ron shippers must be thankful for. After all, the movie was stressful enough for the two without the added romance woes.

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When Ianevski was asked about his feelings towards the almost love triangle, he seemed good-natured. "I don't know how far they could go," he laughed. "If the story from the seventh [film] that David Yates invented extended itself then maybe they would've gotten into a fight with Ron, and Viktor would obviously win and then live happily on forever with Hermione."

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