Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers – Project Reborn


The episode opens with Carlos carrying Farah through the hallways of an abandoned hospital. Luckily for Farah, Carlos had medvac training during the war and starts bandaging his lady love up after Micah uses his powers to restore the hospital's electricity.

Back at Gateway, Ren and Emily try to make sense of Erica's betrayal of Otomo and Tommy's disappearance. Ren realizes that Tommy's been trapped within the game, and says that Miko (who can teleport inside the game) is the only person who can save him. Inside the game, a cord attaches itself to Tommy's neck as Erica tries to teleport everyone she brought to Gateway into the future. While it briefly looks like the strain is too much for Tommy to handle, Renautas's machine teleports everyone at Gateway 8,000 years into the future.

In the present day, Phoebe arrives at Gateway, but she discovers that she's too late for the teleport. Her eyes glow menacingly as she realizes she's missed the proverbial boat.

In the future, Emily and Ren find Renautas's stash of comatose evos and use Ren's key to shut the system down. They find both Otomo and Miko, but Miko doesn't recognize Ren at all (because she's the real Miko and not the digital "Katana Girl" construct).

Luke, Malina and Quentin arrive at Gateway just in time for the first solar flare to hit. Luke pushes Quentin and Malina inside a concrete bunker and tells Malina that while he can't be forgiven for what he's done over the past few months (killing all those evos with his wife), he's found his purpose after Malina saved his life. After briefly looking at a picture of his family, Luke uses his abilities to fly into the solar flare and disperse its energy before it hits the planet, disappearing in the process.

Back at the the hospital, Farah wakes up after a successful emergency surgery. People begin filing into the hospital looking for treatment (there was a VERY bad accident on the highway), so Carlos tells his nephew and Micah that they're staying at the hospital to help all the wounded.

Tommy wakes up inside his digital prison and discovers a second version of himself (presumably from the future), who tells him that he needs to remember his missing memories. He starts remembering the day when Claire Bennett revealed her powers to the world, alerting the public to the existence of evos. Tommy's memories begin to flood back and he realizes he's ready to save the world.

Malina and Quentin head into Gateways's clocktower to take refuge from some falling satellite debris. Phoebe was also hiding inside the clocktower and grabs Malina with her shadow tendrils. Quentin tries to talk sense into his sister, telling her that Erica was never going to take them into the future, but Phoebe is too brainwashed to listen. As Phoebe begins crushing Malina with her shadows, Quentin shoots his sister, causing Phoebe to fall to her death.

In the future, Richard (Erica's evil scientist lackey) discovers Emily and Ren, but Otomo kills him with a sword. Otomo then sends Ren into Evernow to rescue Tommy. Inside the game, Ren reunites with Miko (the Katana Girl version) and then rushes into the digital fortress to rescue Tommy.

Back in the present, Malina sees the second solar flare approach and tries to stop it using her powers. Meanwhile, Ren and Katana Girl mow through the digital guards as they make their way to Tommy, who remembers meeting his sister for the first time as a child (at his grandmother Angela Petrelli's insistence) and using his powers in concert to create a massive column of blue energy.

After Tommy meets his past self, he's freed by Ren and teleported back into the real world. Erica immediately confronts Tommy and reveals she's taken Emily and Tommy's mother hostage. Erica tells Tommy that he can't save the present day and the future (because the future timeline would disappear if Tommy stopped the solar flare) and that he needs to pick one world or the other. However, Tommy says he can be in two places at once, thanks to a lifetime of training from Hiro Nakamura and an eternity trapped inside Erica's digital prison. As Erica fires her gun at Tommy, Tommy stops time and creates a second version of himself by rapidly teleporting back and forth. One of the Tommys travel back into the past to help Malina, while the other Tommy begins to teleport everyone in the future back into the present day.


In the present day, Tommy takes Malina's hand to synchronize their powers, but the effect doesn't work as they anticipated. Tommy teleports back to when he first met his sister and discovers they need a "conduit" (a third person) willing to sacrifice themselves to make the power combination work. Tommy realizes who he needs to find, and teleports two days into the past…which is exactly when Noah vanished during that big thunderstorm.

After being teleported into the past by Tommy, Noah witnesses his grandchildren's first attempt to use their powers together. Tommy teleports next to him and says that he's tried everything, but that they can't stop the solar flare without a third person. Noah says he would have died during that thunderstorm and to take him to Gateway and the end of the world. Together, Tommy, Malina and Noah join hands, creating enough energy to shield Earth from the solar flare.

Back in the future, Tommy cuts off Erica's Gateway watch and then uses the machine to teleport everyone else back into the present. Because the solar flare no longer destroyed the world, that future blinks out existence, taking Erica with it.

Of course, saving the world doesn't come without a price. Noah tells his grandchildren how proud he is of them before passing away, leaving Tommy and Malina devastated.


Three months later, Quentin is interrogated by two special agents, who want to know more about the evos who saved the world. As Quentin explains how they were just ordinary people, we see what happened to the rest of the characters from the show. Ren and Miko (the real version) train in swordsmanship under Otomo's watchful eye. Carlos and Farah fight crime in Los Angeles. Emily and Tommy work together at the ice cream shop, while Malina attends Claire's old high school. When Angela Petrelli picks Malina up from school, she shows Angela a tarot card left in her locker (Tommy also found a card at the ice cream shop). As some foreboding music plays, Angela says that it means that Malina and Tommy's father is coming back for them and that this time…no one can protect them from him.

And that does it for Heroes Reborn. Thanks for reading!