Hines Ward Goes From The Dark Knight Rises To The Walking Dead

Hines Ward on The Walking Dead

Hines Ward might be out of football, but he seems to be developing a career making cameo appearances in comic book movies and comic book TV shows. This past summer Hines Ward appeared as one of the main football players in a stadium scene in The Dark Knight Rises. Ward ran for a touchdown while the football field collapsed behind him, before turning to reveal the Ward name on the back of his jersey.

Now, Hines Ward is continuing his career in comic book adapted works with an appearance on The Walking Dead. Here’s what Hines Ward had to say about the experience: “Doing the Walking Dead was freaky, but cool. Took 2.5 hours to make me look like this.”

Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, said, “He’s going to be maybe our most muscular zombie to date.” Walking Dead actor IronE Singleton, who plays T-Dog, added, “I think he’ll probably be the fastest zombie ever. Whomever gets in his way, they’re going to be lunchmeat.”

So how did Hines Ward wind up becoming a zombie on The Walking Dead? It seems a number of things came together to lead to Ward's appearance. First, Hines Ward played football at the University of Georgia with IronE Singleton. Second, The Walking Dead films in Hines Ward's home state of Georgia. Third, co-executive producer Greg Nicotero is from Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers fan. No exact date on when Hines Ward will appear on The Walking Dead, but it's said to be later this season.

Hines Ward The Walking Dead