Hugh Jackman Rep Denies $100 Million Offer For Wolverine Return Reports

Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine

Christian Bale offered $50 million to return as Batman. Hugh Jackman offered $100 million to return as Wolverine. Incredible salary offers for in demand actors to reprise their roles as superheroes have been the biggest headlines over the last couple of days.

However, it looks like the reports might not be true. We’ve already covered how the reports about Christian Bale being offered $50 million by Warner Bros. to return as Batman seem to all derive from a book, which is merely speculating on what he could make.

Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Hugh Jackman’s spokesperson has dismissed the reports of his $100 million offer for four movies. Of course, while Bale had declared he’s done playing Batman, Jackman has been more on the fence about returning as Wolverine.

While his spokesperson might be denying the report, the number probably isn’t too far off from what Jackman would likely get offered if FOX decided to go forward with more Wolverine and X-Men films.