Hugh Jackman Reportedly Offered $100 Million To Return As Wolverine But Might Turn It Down

Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine

After X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Hugh Jackman's contract with FOX to play Wolverine is up. When making the promotional rounds for The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman seemed to be giving mixed messages as to whether he would continue with the role. In some interviews, Jackman said there would have to be a compelling reason for him to return to the role. But in other interviews, Jackman said the Wolverine role would have to be pried out of his claws.

Now, the National Enquirer is reporting that FOX has offered Hugh Jackman what most would probably consider a pretty compelling reason to return as Wolverine. According to their report, insiders have indicated that Hugh Jackman has been offered $100 million to sign on for four more Wolverine movies.

However, the National Enquirer is also reporting that Hugh Jackman might turn the offer down. According to the report, the reason that Hugh Jackman might pass on the $100 million is that Jackman had vowed not to lock himself into any more multipicture deals after his original X-Men contract and his wife wants him to concentrate on more serious roles.

The Wolverine has earned over $111 million at the domestic box office and over $306 million at the worldwide box office.