Hunger Games: Taylor Swift Says She Would Kill People In An Indirect Way Like Katniss

If you’ve ever wondered how country music star Taylor Swift would kill people, then we have your [...]

Taylor Swift Safe and Sound

If you've ever wondered how country music star Taylor Swift would kill people, then we have your answer. Taylor Swift would kill people in an indirect way just like Katniss in the Hunger Games. At least that's what Swift told MTV News' Sway Calloway when he asked Swift, "What would your skill be if you were in the Hunger Games?" In her first part to answering the question, Taylor Swift claimed, "Honestly, I just, I think I would just be the person who runs and hides. Just to be as self-aware as possible, like I kind of freeze. You know how you have like fight, flight, or freeze. Those are your three reactions to something scary. Like, I just freeze. So I would try to run and hide somewhere." But eventually, Swift got down to the nitty gritty and added, "There are a few ways that Katniss, kind of, in the book she has to kill people, but she does it in an indirect way. I think that would be something I would try to do." So there, you have it, if Taylor Swift has to kill you, she's going to try to do it in a indirect way.

Taylor Swift Mockingjay Pin

As far as for what Taylor Swift is most excited about seeing in The Hunger Games movie, Swift said she's looking forward to seeing actual footage of the games. Swift pointed out, "They have never shown any footage of the games in any of the trailers or any of the exclusive sneak peek footage, and so I think I'm just dying to see that." In the rest of the interview, Taylor Swift expressed her fondness of Hunger Games fans. Swift said, "I like them a lot. They have been saying such nice things about the song. And what absolutely blew me away is that we released the song surprisingly without telling anyone we were going to do it beforehand, and as soon as the song hit iTunes within a few hours it was number one, and that's due to the Hunger Games fans and my fans all rallying together and just making it happen." Swift also said that the Safe and Sound video for The Hunger Games is her favorite video that she's ever made.