IDW Games And Pandasaurus Expand Partnership

IDW Games launched with games based on IDW Publishing’s comic book properties Kill Shakespeare [...]

Tammany Hall

IDW Games launched with games based on IDW Publishing's comic book properties Kill Shakespeare and 30 Days of Night. IDW Games is now expanding its line by growing its partnership with Pandasaurus Games. This partnership includes bringing Pandasaurus' vault of popular games into print, many of which are sold out. The first title in this partnership is Tammany Hall, launching in June, in which the players "take power, rule New York."  Other titles to follow are Rattus Cartus, the sold-out hit that pits players against each other and the Black Plague, and Yedo, Pandasaurus' first game, which is a samurai-themed worker placement game from the designers of the upcoming Kill Shakespeare game, Wolf Plancke and Thomas Vande Ginste. It also means that moving forward, IDW Games and Pandasaurus will be co-developing board games. "We have a commitment to seeing incredible ideas come to fruition in the form of brilliantly themed, technically engaging and visually stunning board games above all else," said Mary Wardlaw, Director Marketing at Pandasaurus Games, "And that commitment is the exact reason why we couldn't be more delighted to have IDW Games as a partner in upholding and expanding the mission of breathing life into new endeavors, out-of-print lauded gems and beloved brands. Let the games begin!" "Pandasaurus has done an excellent job building a catalog of rich, engaging and in-demand board games. They're veterans in the industry and we look forward to developing some amazing titles together." Said IDW Games Director, Jerry Bennington. "This is a partnership that will have an immediate positive impact for both sides and you can be sure you'll be hearing big things from us soon." The Kickstarter for IDW Games and Pandasaurus' first joint venture, the Kill Shakespeare board game, is still live. You can check it out here.