Iron Fist Will Be Completely Different Than Other Marvel Netflix Shows According To Joe Quesada


While the heroes themselves have been quite different, there's a through-line of a dark and violent tone that has run through Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix.

That formula is going to be turned on its head a little bit when Iron Fist comes along, according to Marvel's Joe Quesada.

“It still takes place in the same world. I think the Danny Rand character himself will have a different perspective on the world than some of the characters that you’re seeing now — as will Luke Cage. I mean you guys haven’t seen that show yet, either,” Quesada is quoted as saying over at Decider. “Our goal is to provide four different shows that each have their own feel while, again, feeling like they are a part of a whole. Not an easy task, but I can tell you that our team is really fantastic at doing this. It’s still the early stages of Iron Fist so I’m a little hesitant to say too much more than that. But Danny Rand is a completely different character and the world that he comes from, how he obtained his powers and his skills — all completely different. I think fans will be pleased.”

With both Luke Cage and Iron Fist set to change the face of Marvel's almost seems like the two should team up.