J.M. DeMatteis Launches Trinity of Sin Ongoing in October

Following on the heels of the cancellation of Trinity of Sin: Pandora and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger, DC Comics announced today that October will see the launch of the supernatural team book Trinity of Sin, featuring the aforementioned pair along with The Question.

J.M. DeMatteis, who wrote The Phantom Stranger, will write the title, with Yvel Guichet providing the art.

Both Pandora and The Phantom Stranger will continue to be published in an ongoing capacity, as their monthly books "end" in August but then have a Futures End one-shot in September before the new series debuts. The Question has not yet been featured in his own ongoing series and has played a fairly minimal role since the launch of the New 52.

"Both the Stranger and Pandora get to wrap up with stories that will, I think, satisfy fans of those books. Trinity of Sin will follow them pretty directly in continuity, but you can pick up Trinity without having read the other books," DeMatteis told Newsarama. "In fact, we're hoping that people that haven't followed the Stranger and Pandora in their own series will do just that."

As for the tone of the comic itself, DeMatteis gave this description of the first arc:


Without getting into too much detail, the story has to do with the lone survivor of an antediluvian Dark Age who intends to literally bleed the sin out of the Trinity and use it to unleash a spell that will transform the world. The Trinity, of course, set out to stop him.

But these three aren't a team: Their vast differences, their mutual antagonisms, get in the way—and they fail. Miserably. The world we know is wiped out of existence. The Dark Age rises again.

And things only get worse from there.

Trinity of Sin debuts in October.