Jean-Claude Van Damme to Star in Amazon Action Comedy


Jean Claude Van Damme is set to star in a new pilot, titled Jean-Claude Van Johnson for Amazon. He will be collaborating with Dave Callaham (The Expendables) for the script and Peter Atencio will be directing.

The premise of Jean-Claude Van Johnson is a famous actor (Jean-Claude) who doubles as an undercover private contractor named, you guessed it, Jean Claude Van Johnson. In the show he will be going undercover into a reimagined action film version of Huckleberry Finn. He also will have the chance to reconnect with a fellow operative named Vanessa, the love of his life.

I tend to enjoy when actors riff on themselves in a self-deprecating way, and Jean-Claude Van Johnson has that air about it. While the description of the show is a bit confusing, it's also just plain zany, and at this point I'm truly eager to see what it becomes.

Shooting looks to start sometime mid-May. No release date has been announced.


Via SlashFilm