Jeremy Haun Is New Artist For Artifacts

Top Cow has made an announcement concerning the new artist for issues 9 through 12 of Artifacts. Jeremy Haun, who is known for his work on Berserker and Detective Comics, will be the artist for the aforementioned issues. Jeremy Haun also recently became a Top Cow exclusive artist, and he will soon be starting an ongoing run on The Darkness.

Jeremy Haun said, "I've been looking for a project for quite a while where I can really grow as an artist and produce something truly epic that I can be proud of. Artifacts is just that project. I can't wait for people to see what Ron and I are doing on the book. It's going to be... BIG."

The writer for the Artifacts series is Ron Marz. "All writers have lists of artists they want to work with." commented Ron Marz. "Jeremy has been on my list for a while, so I'm really pleased Artifacts is going to be our chance to collaborate."Marz added, "Of course, with the epic scale of the storyline, and literally dozens of characters taking part, I intend to leave Jeremy a broken man ... er, artist ... by the time we hit the last page of issue #12."

Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik stated, "All of us at Top Cow are thrilled to have Jeremy Haun as part of the Top Cow family and when we realized he'd have a 6+ month lead up to The Darkness the perfect opportunity presented itself to make him part of our biggest event ever!"

Previous to Haun singing onboard, the artists on Artifacts had included Michael Broussard (formerly of Top Cow’s Pit) and original Image co-founder Whilce Portacio. Also, the 13th issue of Artifacts will feature a not yet announced special guest artist.