Jim Starlin Is Bringing Back Dreadstar

Jim Starlin - the writer/artist who created such fan favorite cosmic Marvel characters as Thanos, Drax, and Gamora – is returning to his creator owned sci-fi series Dreadstar.

Starlin originally debuted Dreadstar on Marvel's creator-owned Epic Comics imprint. The series follows the titular hero and his bang of galactic outlaws as the fight against two evil empires.

Since then, the series has bounced between several different published, and taken on different artists and writers. The series has been acquired by Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink to be adapted to television, and Starlin has decided its time to get the series back on track.

"I've been poking around an idea and with the TV show in development, I can start in on it," Starlin told The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to writing the new Dreadstar story, Starlin will draw the character's adventure for the first time in 28 years.


"Drawing for me is a love-hate thing," he said. "It's a younger person's job. And so I tend to write for other people. But with this particular thing, I'm at a point financially that I can do whatever I want to at this point…and this is what I want to do…Right now I'm trying to decide what I want to Dreadstar's uniform to look like."

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