Jim Starlin Provides Variant for New Perhapanauts #1

In the Image Comics solicitations for November, fans can find a tease for The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under, a new miniseries by Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau, that will feature backup art and variant covers by a variety of stars (including Michael Golden, Joe Staton and Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope star Eric Henson).

The Perhapanauts, which first existed as a pair of miniseries from Dark Horse Comics, disappeared for a while and then returned in 2008 as an ongoing from Image Comics. It follows the exploits of a secret government organization that employs mythical creatures like bigfoot, chupacabra, ghosts and psychics to hunt down other, less amicable ones like the Jersey Devil.

As the creators started getting busy with work-for-hire and the creator-owned book had to fall by the wayside, they eventually just concluded the storyline that was going on and have decided to relaunch as an ongoing series of miniseries, not unlike what Chris Roberson is planning to do with Memorial or what Mike Mignola has done with Hellboy and B.P.R.D. stories over the years.

Over at Todd Dezago's Perhapablog, though, the writer has already released not only the cover for the first issue from Rousseau, but a variant cover by comics industry legends Jim Starlin and Terry Austin.

Dezago also promised that more teases were to come on the site, saying that he's sitting on so much beautiful art that keeping it all as a surprise for when the readers actually open the books has been difficult to do.


"As the solicits come out--those advertisements in the monthly previews catalogue featured at your local comic book shop--for both readers and retailers to order from," promised Dezago, "I'll be posting the way-cool artwork here and giving you all the exclusive early look at some smokin'-hot Perhapanauts gorgeousness!"

The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under #1 hits the stands on November 7.