Joe Quesada Confirms Marvel's Iron Fist Is Still Being Worked On


Following recent rumors that Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix was in trouble, we finally have a definitive progress report from someone who would know - Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada.

While on-hand for the Jessica Jones premiere held in NYC earlier this week, IGN caught up with Quesada and asked him straight on about the rumors of a possible Iron Fist movie, or downright cancellation.

“Iron Fist is being worked on. That’s all that I can say," said Quesada.

Quesada, who is pretty hands on with these productions joked at the fact that not everything you read on the Internet is real.

And for old school Defenders fans who were taken by surprise by the team’s new lineup (including Iron Fist), Quesada assured the reporter that fans will love the new take on the classic team.


“You have to understand, to the world at large, nobody knows who The Defenders are. So to take the concept, the name and the theme and apply it to this world feels wholly natural. Even when you look at the origins of the team and how the original book came together, it was just another super hero team that wasn’t the Avengers. We have a wonderful, concept behind why they’re this group and why they’re called The Defenders in this particular world.”

So what do you think readers? Are you excited to hear Iron Fist is not in trouble? Let us know in the comments below.