Judge Dredd Remake Officially in the Works

Some remakes produce groans, sighs and the rolling of multiple sets of eyes. This remake, however, already has people talking and buzzing about the potential for a fresh start. DNA Films has reached a deal with the India-based company Reliance Big Entertainment to produce a remake of the mixed-reaction filled 1995 film Judge Dredd. The first film, based on a U.K. comic book about harsh justice in the future of the world, starred Sylvester Stallone and as a whole did not impress fans of the book and its protagonist.

With script by Alex Garland and a director in Pete Travis, the film will be shot in 3-D, as many films are wont to do these days, and will attempt to get back to the true roots of the comic book series. Garland's credits include films such as 28 Days Later, so he is no stranger to mind-bending futures. Plans appear to involve having the film shopped at the Cannes Film Festival at some point, but no word yet on a cast.