Karl Urban on a Dredd Series: "Conversations are Happening"


Karl Urban is back in "conversations are happening" mode when discussing a follow-up to his cult-favorite comics adaptation Dredd.

The Star Trek franchise star, appearing at the Calgary Expo this weekend, was asked about his recent tweet, in which he pushed streaming services like Amazon and Netflix to consider a miniseries follow-up to the 3D film, which was beloved by audiences but lost money in theaters.

"Conversations are happening" about such a series, Urban said, according to people in the audience.

That's certainly exciting, but don't get too enthusiastic just yet: Urban has used the "conversations are happening" intermittently since at least 2014 when quizzed about the possibility of a second Dredd movie.


Producers have been somewhat more reserved, saying that while they'd like to make one, there were a lot of people who lost money on the first installment, and who would therefore have to be made whole before any follow-up could realistically be greenlit.

A pair of sequels set in the world of the film have already taken place in the pages of the comics.