Kevin Smith Starts Pitching Mallrats TV Series

Kevin Smith announced today on his Facebook page that he has begun pitching his new 10-episode Mallrats series, a sequel to his original and very first film of the same name from 1995.

Smith is looking at streaming servies Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, and cable network Showtime in hopes of finding Mallrats a new home.

Mallrats is one of the most quintessential films for comic book fans MADE by comic book fans. This 1995 brilliant gem of an indie film resonated so personally with the audience that it became an instant cult classic and a treasured addition to every geek's film collection.

It's an outrageous stoner comedy in which a bunch of slacker-type teens "hang out" in a comic book store at the local mall while trying to mend their broken hearts.

Kevin went on to say, "This flick's 21 year ride has been a gift, and if any of the places we're pitching see fit to help me continue telling the story of Mallrats two decades past the original expiration date and in loving memory of the late, great Jim Jacks - my producer friend who made Mallrats happen in the first place? Well, let's just say that would be the exact opposite of a stink-palm."

What initially started as a second film in March of 2015 has since turned into a 10-episode television series due to some legal catalogue issues, which is great because the more Mallrats, the better.

Smith previously confirmed that most of the original cast would be returning and hopefully that's still the case - Jason Mewes and himself as Jay and Silent Bob respectively, Michael Rooker as Jared Svenning, Stan Lee as himself, Shannon Doherty as Rene Mosier, Jason Lee as Brodie, Ethan Suplee as Willam, Jeremy London as T.S. Quint, Renee Humphrey as Tricia Jones, and Joey Lauren Adams as Gwen Turner, Sven-Ole Thorsen as Lafours, Scott Mosier as Roddy, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan as Steve-Dave Pulasti and Walt "Fanboy" Grover, Brian O'Halloran as Gil Hicks, and Claire Forlani as Brandi Svenning.

However, there is one very notable name missing from that list - Ben Affleck. Who knows? Maybe Affleck can take a break from protecting Gotham from Deathstroke and appear in his 'ol pals television series.


At least we know that Stan Lee is on board for another cameo.

As of now, there is no release date for Mallrats 2, the TV series. We will keep you updated right here, on ComicBook.