Kirby Planet Robobot Announced On Nintendo Direct

(Photo: Nintendo)

In the latest Nintendo Direct, the famed video game company had a little something for everyone, but the biggest reveal was a new game starring everybody's favorite little pink copycat Kirby.

Titled Kirby: Planet Robobot, invaders have mechanized Dream Land, and Kirby has to stop them any way he can. That means all the abilities and moves Kirby fans are accustomed to, but this time around he has to fight fire with fire, and that is where the most interesting mechanic comes in.

Kirby is able to take the fight to them using their own mech suits. In addition, his mech can also copy abilities from enemies, resulting in a variety of new moves and abilities to use throughout the game. It looks just as charming and fun as any other Kirby game, but that added layer looks fantastic.

You'll also be able to play the new co-op based mode called Team Kirby Clash, which has you and up to 3 others taking on boss fights together. All of the characters have unique abilities, and you can earn experience and level up the more you play. The mode will also be available separately.


The game will release for Nintendo 3DS on June 10th.