Logan's Run, Star Trek, & Twilight Zone Writer George Clayton Johnson Has Died

George Clayton Johnson, who wrote the classic Star Trek episode 'The Man Trap' as well as co-wrote [...]


George Clayton Johnson, who wrote the classic Star Trek episode "The Man Trap" as well as co-wrote the novel Logan's Run and wrote a number of Twilight Zone episodes, has passed away.

Johnson also penned the script for part of Twilight Zone: The Movie and came up with the story for the original Ocean's 11 in 1960. He also co-created the comic book series Deepest Dimension Terror Anthology with cartoonist and author Jay Allen Sanford for Revolutionary Comics.

Born in 1929 in Wyoming, Johnson briefly served as a telegraph operator and draftsman in the United States Army and went on to do similar work in his civilian life before he quit to become a writer. Johnson joined the Southern California School of Writers that included, his Logan's Run co-writer William F. Nolan as well as Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury. It was through this community that he met Rod Serling, with whom he would work for much of his career.

A feature film remake to Logan's Run is rumored to be in the works, with some updates including a female lead, although various iterations of the book have been in production for the screen for about twenty years and all have failed to take off.