Man of Steel's Henry Cavill Talks About Superman Vs. Batman

Superman and Batman movie logo

Last night at the Warner Bros./DC Entertainment party celebrating 75 years of Superman, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill was cornered by a reporter who asked him about a movie idea that was closer to home than she could have known.

Asked whether he thought it was more likely that Batman would turn up in a Superman movie before a Justice League movie could be assembled, Cavill answered, "I have no idea! I think it would be a good story--I just don't know. There's so many options, so many ways you could go with the next story, if the next story happens. A Superman/Batman thing would be great. It would be a nice balance between the two."

Cavill was no help in projecting the casting choices, either, saying that he'd have to take more time than he had to consider who he might pick for Batman.

"As the next Batman? That's a really hard choice. I'd have to think about it long, long and hard. It depends on how they're planning on presenting Batman. So I don't have an answer that because they could bring in a young guy, could bring in an older version, it all depends on what direction they're planning on going."


Asked who he might want to play if he couldn't be Superman, Cavill brings up The Flash--which is an interesting choice, given that early this morning a report leaked out saying that Superman/Batman, The Flash and Justice League would all be announced at Comic-Con. Of course, only Superman vs. Batman was announced.

Check out the full interview below.