Man Uses Super Mario Bros. Game To Propose To Girlfriend

One Mario fan has officially leveled up.

Using the latest Mario game from Nintendo, Mario Maker, YouTube user Retro Shanerator created a level specifically to propose to his girlfriend, Pam. As Pam played the level, everything seemed normal until the concluding sections. Flower Power and Star Power in tow, Pam approached bricks which spelt out, "Pam, will you marry me?"

Just as Pam realized what was going on, she and her new fiancé got quite excited. Never has completing a level in a Super Mario game been so lifechanging! "Keep going, you've got finish the game," he said before the, "Yes, of course, babe!" could leave her mouth.

The geek community tends to get pretty creative with their proposals, apparently. Last year, reported on a couple of cosplayers getting engaged during a Firefly panel at Wizard World's comic convention in Chicago. A young man dressed as Loki framed himself as a fan with a question for the panel but when he got to the microphone, he turned to his girlfriend who was dressed as Thor and popped the question from one knee.

Perhaps the romanticism stems from the fantasies inspired by massive amount of comics, movies and television our community consumes. DC's Rebirth just saw a proposal, the Man of Steel is quite a romantic with his words, and even Tony Stark has been looking for loving in the movies lately.


Color me proud of the geek community for being such romantics.