Marvel Relaunch: Is It Finally Happening?

Marvel Comics Relaunch

Over seven months ago, predicted that Marvel Comics would eventually relaunch their line just like DC Comics. We even came up with the top ten reasons that Marvel Comics would relaunch. At the time, pretty much everyone was adamantly denying that a Marvel Comics relaunch would ever take place in any shape, form, or matter.

The arguments against a Marvel Comics relaunch were strong and compelling. At the time, a number of Marvel Comics had already been recently relaunched, so it would seem like overkill for Marvel Comics to do an entire line relaunch. Also, many felt that the DC Comics relaunch would only be a temporary sales bump.

Now, rumors of a Marvel Comics relaunch are starting to circulate online. According to Bleeding Cool, the Marvel Comics relaunch won’t be exactly like the New 52, as it won’t be a line wide relaunch. However, it does appear as if almost all of Marvel’s major titles will relaunch with new creative teams. There are also rumors of costume changes, which always tends to get people riled up.

So is Marvel Comics finally going to relaunch? It would seem like unusual timing, as they have taken the lead again over DC Comics in market share. But DC Comics is still doing much better than they were before their relaunch, and the race between Marvel and DC is still very close. In fact, if not for the Avengers VS. X-Men event which many think is setting up the Marvel Comics relaunch, then DC Comics would likely still be #1. Also, you can’t ignore that the DC Comics relaunch has done wonders for DC Comics trade paperbacks sales, and Marvel Comics would probably like an excuse to put out some more collected editions of their own.

What do you think? Is it a good idea for Marvel Comics to relaunch? Is it inevitable? What characters would you like to see get major overhauls in a Marvel Comics relaunch and which characters should be left alone? Will the new Marvel Comics universe look a lot more like the Marvel movie universe?