Mattel Looking to Launch 'Dos' - A Sequel To 'Uno'

Mattel's Uno card game has somewhat become a must have for any impromptu get together, and now [...]

Mattel's Uno card game has somewhat become a must have for any impromptu get together, and now Hasbro is finally giving it a sequel.

To be fair, Uno's had a variety of spinoffs, which typically keep the same core gameplay with one primary change or enhancement. Those have performed quite well for Mattel and was one of the line bright spots last year. That's why they are getting ready to release a brand new version, and wait for's called Dos (via NY Post).

Makes sense right? The new card game will keep the familiar rules of Uno with one big exception, that being there will now be two piles of cards as opposed to one, allowing you to throw down two cards during your turn.The cards will also look very familiar to Uno cards, but you'll be able to tell the difference thanks to the Dos logo on the back of each one.

(Photo: Mattel)

Dos has been in development for 2 years, and Ray Adler, head of Mattel Inc's games unit, is quite happy with the just about final product. "We're happy where we are with Dos right now," Adler said. "It took two years to develop Dos, mainly to make sure playing the game was different enough from Uno. But don't expect to see Tres anytime soon.'

The game will retail for $5.99, and will first hit store shelves at Targets in March. All retail stores should offer the game by August.

Uno has been one of the lone bright spots for Mattel in 2017. Mattel's revenue fell 11% last year, though some of that had to do with toy giant Toys 'R' Us filing for bankruptcy protection. The changing market has also had an effect, as more and more kids have access to tablets and smartphones.

Uno bucked that trend though in 2017, as sales of the game went up 12%. Mattel is attempting to capitalize on that continued popularity by getting the game into more stores, including dollar stores and game retailers, and they are also branching out into smartphones with an Uno app. That is set to launch this spring, and the game is already playable through Facebook messenger.