Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns as Kickstarter

(Photo: Joel Hodgson)

Do you need some more Tom Servo and Crow in your life? The correct answer is: yes. Luckily, Joel Hodgson is ready to get the crew back together with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival, but there's a tiny catch: you gotta pony up some cash.

The MST3K kickstarter officially launched Tuesday, with Hodgson announcing that behind-the-scenes rights issues have been resolved and he's clear to restart the show. That is, if he can get the money to do it. They're looking for $2 million for the first three episodes, with every $1.1 million thereafter making 3 more ($5.5 million for a full 12-episode first season).

The pledges range from $10 pats on the back to spending a few grand to actually appear on an episode or attend the NYC or LA premieres as a VIP guest. Basically, if you want the show to come back badly enough to spend lots and lots of money, they'll take it!

The goal, eventually, is to prove the desire for more show, and take it next to either a traditional network or a streaming service for even more.


Check out the kickstarter page for the full list of rewards. Just about an hour after launch, they're almost to ten percent of the initial $2 million goal, so it should be money well spent.