Mythbusters' Adam Savage Builds Hellboy's Sword

Hellboy broadswordHeader

The best projects are the personal ones, and for Mythbusters' Adam Savage, it gets no more personal than his love and appreciation for Mike Mignola's Hellboy.

In his newest one day build, Savage gets the tools out and sets about creating his own version of Hellboy's broadsword, complete with a run through demon skewered on the end. The sword is made out of a plywood base and filled in with Fiberglass Filler. After the sanding process and creating the blade guard, he adds some shiny aluminum tape to really make it look like a blade.

After that, it's on to creating the impaled demon, which he bases on a stuffed animal. Adding a tail from his old Hellboy costume, as well as a Rabbit skull, the plush toy is transformed. Of course, to finish the process he had to use a blowtorch, because no project is complete without one.


The final product is really impressive, and it goes right alongside his Samaritan pistol, which he already has in his collection. View the nearly 30-minute video above to see the entire process.