New Report Backs Up Wolverine 3 R-Rating And Old Man Logan Storyline

The Wolverine 3 Old Man Logan

A new report is adding more fuel to rumors surrounding The Wolverine 3 that suggest the film will be rated R and based on the Old Man Logan storyline.

The Old Man Logan rumor has been circulating practically since Hugh Jackman signed on for his third solo outing as Marvel’s most popular mutant. The original Old Man Logan story came from the same creative team behind Civil War, Mark Miller and Steve McNiven, and took place and future where the supervillains of the Marvel Universe had all finally got their acts together and taken out the heroes. The plot followed an aged Logan going with the now blind Hawkeye on a road trip through dystopian America.

The story involved a lot of characters that Marvel Studios or Sony have the film rights to – Hulk, Venom, Spider-Man, Red Skull, and the aforementioned Hawkeye – so some reworking of the plot will be required, and certain elements of the story will have to be excised. Patrick Stewart has hinted that he may be involved with the project, so perhaps Professor X will be taking Hawkeye’s place for this cross country trip.

A newer development is that the film is also targeting an R rating, which Den of Geek confirmed with separate sources after a Toy Fair flier initially broke the news. The report says that the film had been targeting an R rating long before Deadpool hit theaters, which throws in wrench in the popular narrative that Fox has learned all the wrong lesson’s from Deadpool’s suggest, just as Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn warned us they would. Considering that Old Man Logan is an extremely dark and violent storyline, even by typical Wolverine story standards, this isn’t particularly hard to believe.

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