New York Comic Con 2013: Friday Cosplay Portraits


New York Comic Con is well underway now, and the Friday crowd was massive this year. Among them--and the thing that most non-fans know about comic book conventions--are the cosplayers. There were some out there yesterday that we got some photos of with the help of our buddy Kevin Conn. Today, we've got a small set of cosplay portraits; while there are a couple of wider-angle shots in here, most of these photos are more intimate--that's the style preferred by C.S. Muncy, our contributing photographer who took a number of our most popular shots last year at New York. He takes cosplayers aside and does an impromptu shoot with them--last year at our booth, against the backdrop of a page from Rachel Rising. This year, he's on his own as doesn't have a booth presence, so he's getting people out in the wild a bit more. As ever, we don't usually get names when we take the photos but we try to make sure you know where it will end up–so if one of these is you, feel free to chime in! Apologies, meanwhile, if I don't know who you are or if I misidentify you. I'll correct anything that's called to my attention. All these photos are copyright C.S. Muncy, used with permission.

Nick Fury (from the Ultimates and/or the Marvel Cinematic Universe) or Nick Fury, Jr. (from the Marvel Universe)

Nick Fury (from the Ultimates and/or the Marvel Cinematic Universe) or Nick Fury, Jr. (from the Marvel Universe)


Bazooka from G.I. Joe

nycc-cosplay-dear-god-what-have-they-done-with-leonardoDear God! What did they do to Leonardo?!nycc-cosplaynycc-cosplay-ms-marvelMs. Marvelnycc-cosplay-pacman

Pac-Man and friends

nycc-cosplay-navy-sealsOoh! Navy SEALS?nycc-cosplay-lara-croftA pretty badass Lara Croftnycc-cosplay-gladiatornycc-cosplay-creepy-alien-baby-thingnycc-cosplay-bat-villains

Arkham War.

nycc-cosplay-batnycc-cosplay-2she-hulk-on-the-streetShe-Hulk spends some time talking with the average New Yorker.nycc-destro-on-the-street

Destro is texting. I bet whatever he's saying is dastardly.


Wonder Woman


Another shot of She-Hulk


Tim Drake Robin? I think so, but it's hard to single out Damian without a better look at the front.