Nintendo Re-released Wild Gunman for Back To The Future Day

(Photo: Nintendo)

If you like your retro video gaming, Nintendo is the company for you. Thanks to the Virtual Console, you can play hundreds of classic games released for previous consoles like the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and even non-Nintendo branded hardware.

Wild Gunman, the game in the Back to the Future Part II 80s themed "retro" cafe, is the latest addition to the Wii U Virtual Console, letting fans relive the famous scene at home with their Wii remote. The original game, of course, lived on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and used a light gun to shoot down those bandits and become a "Crack Shot!!!"

The film's arcade cabinet didn't actually exist, further supporting theories that it's all an alternate dimension and timeline from our own. Take heart, Cubs fans, that means that in some alternate reality, they still won the World Series.