Peppermint Bark Oreos Are Coming Back for the Holidays

peppermint bark oreo
(Photo: Nabisco)

Christmas may be 142 days away (as of the time of this article's writing, at least) and Halloween candy hasn't even really started making its way to store shelves yet, but there's already some exciting news when it comes to holiday snacking -- especially for fans of Oreos. It looks like Peppermint Bark Oreos are coming back in time for the holiday season.

Junk food Instagram account @CandyHunting shared the news in a post on Saturday, offering a photo of what appears to be special packaging for this winter's release that will see the much-loved cookie flavor as part of a tie-in with Netflix's first original animated feature, the upcoming Santa origin story, Klaus.

While the details on these cookies are pretty scarce, just the idea that they will be returning to store shelves is an exciting one for fans. The Peppermint Bark Oreos, which feature a classic Oreo cookie with peppermint-flavored creme and crunchy red sugar crystals, were a favorite when they hit store shelves last year. In that release, the cookies hit store shelves on October 29th, but a current release date remains unclear.

However, you don't have to wait until Christmas to get your hands on another seasonal Oreo offering. Sometime this fall, Nabisco will drop Maple Creme Oreos. Per Bustle, Walmart did have a listing for the fall flavor, though that listing has since been deleted. Bustle did report that Nabisco had confirmed a late August release for the flavor. Maple Creme Oreos will feature the Golden variety of Oreo with a maple flavor creme, a pairing that will marry the vanilla flavor of the cookie with the maple which sounds pretty delicious -- and potentially quite a bit like a previous limited edition Oreo offering, 2017s Waffles & Syrup Oreos.

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