Platinum Studios And Skyward Mobile Announce Mobile Comics

Skyward Mobile and Platinum Studios, Inc. recently announced Mobile Comics. Skyward is a leading [...]

Mobile Comics

Skyward Mobile and Platinum Studios, Inc. recently announced Mobile Comics. Skyward is a leading developer of next-generation mobile applications. Platinum Studios, Inc. is an entertainment company that controls an independent library of comic book characters from all over the world. Mobile Comics will be a new application that delivers the comics experience to users over their mobile devices. The Skyward Mobile-powered Mobile Comics will include high-quality graphics and an intuitive user interface. Comic fans will be able to consume their favorite content whenever and wherever they want. In addition to accessing a range of comic books, fans will also be able to download wallpapers, animated screensavers, ringtones and mobile games featuring comic art and characters from the vast Platinum Studios library. Among the titles included in the Mobile Comics application are Hero By Night and KISS 4K (to come in the next several weeks). Other comics included in application are: Bird and Worm, Creepy Carly, Kitty Litter, Model Operandi, Musical Farm, Necromantic, Peyote Highway and Stupid Users. Users can enjoy Mobile Comics content no matter what mobile device they are using, because the Skyward Mobile APX platform allows mobile applications to be automatically supported on virtually any device. "Skyward Mobile is redefining the way mobile applications are developed and experienced," said Georges Elias, senior vice president of mobile for Platinum Studios, Inc. "No other company today is capable of delivering the application quality that they do with such speed and cost effectiveness." "Our APX platform is a game-changing technology in the industry, because it alters the entire economics of mobile application development," said Jeremy De Bonet, founder and CEO of Skyward Mobile. "It is a testament to our unique capabilities that Platinum Studios, one of the world's most innovative and savvy content creators, producers and distributors, chose to partner with us to develop its first mobile product." The Mobile Comics application is available as a free download at and at until December 31, 2007.