Pokemon Go Update On Bug Fixes, Legendary Pokemon, & New Features

pokemon go slide

Pokemon Go is live in South America, just in time for the Summer Olympics. Niantic Labs announced that the mobile game is now live in both Central and South America, meaning that Olympic athletes from around the world can play the game when they're not striving for the Gold.

In a short Facebook post, Niantic also gave fans a few updates about the game, including the missing battery saver feature. The most recent update removed the battery saver feature from the iOS version of the game, as it was buggy for some users. Niantic assured players they were working on a solution to the battery saver issues and that the feature should be return in a few days.

The update also confirmed that several Legendary Pokemon had been "erroneously granted" to some players. As ComicBook.com reported earlier today, Niantic removed the Legendary Pokemon from those players' games in the interest of fairness.


Although Niantic promised that new features were on the way, they reiterated that their first priority was finishing up their worldwide roll out. With the game now live in Central and South America, Niantic still needs to release Pokemon Go in Africa and most of Asia.