Pokemon Go's New Update Allows Trainers to Check Hidden Stats

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While most casual Pokemon Go players are more concerned with filling their Pokedex, hardcore trainers are busying finding the Pokemon with the best "IV" stats. While each Pokemon species has common base stats, it's the "individual stats" that determines whether your Squirtle is a beast or a chump.

Previously, Pokemon Go players couldn't see their Pokemon's IV stats within the game without the help of third party apps, which is technically against the game's Terms of Service. But now, players can legally check their IVs, thanks to a new Pokemon Go update.

Pokemon Go version 1.5.0 (or 0.35.0 for Android users) has a new "Pokemon Appraisal" feature which will help players determine their Pokemon's attack and defense capabilities. Players can talk to their team's respective leaders to determine which of their Pokemon have the strongest stats.

The "Pokemon Appraisal" will act as the Pokemon Go stats judge found in every modern Pokemon video game. The stats judges only give players a general idea of what a Pokemon's IV stats, although there's usually a specific line of dialogue that says if a Pokemon has max stats or not.

While most hardcore Pokemon Go players will be pleased by the new appraisal feature, the new update won't have any other highly anticipated features. Niantic Labs is currently testing a new tracking system in San Francisco, but it appears the tracking system won't be rolled out to the rest of the world quite yet. However, the update notes does mention that Niantic is still working on other "exciting new features" for Pokemon Go, so we could see the tracker in the next update.


The update notes also includes a subtle reference to Niantic's recent crackdown on cheating and third party apps. The notes include a line about "minor bot fixes", which refers to the automated bot programs players can use to game the system and quickly level up. Niantic has been fighting back by shutting down third party access to their servers and banning alleged cheaters.

The new Pokemon Go update is currently being rolled out and should be available on the Apple App and Google Play stores in the near future.