Pokemon: Shiny Xerneas Distribution Begins Today in the US

in the header above.This is the second of three giveaways this month involving the Kalos [...]

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

May is the month for Pokemon giveaways, and today marks the beginning of a new giveaway event for an especially rare Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon trainers in the United States can now get a Shiny Xerneas by using the "Mystery Gift" function on their copy of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The distribution lasts only through May 17th, and is exclusive to trainers in the United States.

Xerneas is the mascot Pokemon for Pokemon X, a deer-esque Pokemon meant to represent "life" in the Kalos region. This Xerneas comes at Level 100 and has the moves Moonblast, Aromatherapy and Focus Blast as well as Xerneas's signature move Geomancy. Allegedly, this distribution is the only way to get Xerneas's "Shiny" coloring, as the mascot Pokemon has a Shiny lock in Pokemon X preventing trainers from encountering the Legendary Pokemon with its alternate coloring. You can see the difference between the normal version of Xerneas (on the left) and the shiny version of Xerneas (on the right) in the header above.

This is the second of three giveaways this month involving the Kalos Legendary Pokemon. A giveaway for Zygarde ended over the weekend and a similar US exclusive giveaway for Yveltal will begin next week.