Pokemon TV App Gets Major Upgrade

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Fans of the Pokemon anime just got a major upgrade. The Pokemon Company announced they have overhauled the "Pokemon TV" app, which allows fans of the longrunning Pokemon anime to watch episodes for free online. Not only will the app begin airing episodes from the current 19th season, which features Ash traveling through the Kalos region seen in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the app will also allow users to temporarily download and view one episode of their choice without an Internet connection. The new update will also let fans rate individual episodes and receive notifications for when new episodes are available to view.

While the Pokemon TV app features episodes from each region Ash has traveled through, not all are available to view at once. Currently, over 50 episodes split across five different seasons are available to view, as well as special individual episodes to celebrate "Team Rocket Week". Pokemon the Movie 2000 is also free to watch in its entirety.


The Pokemon anime is one of the longest running animated series currently shown in the United States, trailing only The Simpsons and Arthur. While Ash is still partnered with Pikachu, his original companions Brock and Misty eventually left the show and were replaced with a rotating cast based on current games. The current season is actually quite good, as Ash has a team of powerhouse Pokemon and is ready to face off against Team Flare over Zygarde, a legendary Pokemon unknowingly traveling with Ash's group. The first four episodes are available on Pokemon TV, which can be downloaded on Android, Apple and Kindle devices, and new episodes will be added periodically.