Powers Showrunner Charlie Huston Speaks on the Upcoming PlayStation Series


Charlie Huston, the best-selling novelist and comic book writer responsible for an acclaimed run on Moon Knight a decade or so ago, will take on the role of writer/Executive Producer and "showrunner" on Sony Television's just-announced Powers TV series for PlayStation. The writer took to his blog earlier today to discuss the role, his enthusiasm for the project...and how little he can really say. Here's the post, via Huston's website: Powers is a long running, independently owned comic book series written byBrian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming.  I am a fan.  In fact, when I had an opportunity several years ago to work as a freelancer at Marvel Comics, Powers was one of the series I started reading to try and figure out how good comics can be written.  More recently, I had the good fortune to be invited to become part of the effort to bring a Powers based TV show to life.  The eighteen months that I've invested in that effort are but a drop in a bucket compared to the many gallons of sweat that several others have poured out trying get a show made.  Recently, the accumulated efforts of the dozens of people who have tried to get this sucker off the ground at one time or another has paid off and we are starting to leave the ground.  The show has found a home at PlayStation, a video platform that never would have been conceived as such when I first became involved, let alone when Brian and Michael first set to work on the book, is our network.  Sony TV, experienced at blazing trails with AMC and Netflix, is our studio.  And I'm the lucky fu--ed who has landed in the show runner's chair in a writer's room packed with absurd piles of talent.  More details in the two stories linked below. That's all for now.  I'll share more details when I am free to do so.