Ryan Reynolds Helped Outline the Deadpool Script


Ryan Reynolds' passion for Deadpool has been well documented. Whether you're talking about the way he actively campaigned for the film, his hilarious in-character tweets and appearances, or just the fact that he took home one of his costumes (and even wore it on Halloween).

But what most fans didn't know is that he even helped write the script - or at least the outline.

"This is a pretty little known fact but when we developed this script to write it, we outlined it very seriously and we did that with Ryan. So it was really the three of us, Paul, Ryan and I, and I think sometimes people make the assumption that the start is just the start, he just shows up and he does his job and that’s it; and he was so instrumental," co-writer Rhett Reese told Collider.

In fact, it was Ryan Reynolds that insisted it had to be an origin story - effectively wiping out the first time he was technically "Wade Wilson" on the big screen.

"When we first pitched Deadpool to him, it was not an origin story, interestingly, because we thought origin stories were old-fashioned, and Ryan was the one who said, "No, it needs to be an origin story.'" He continued, "No I think it was kind of his choice but then our peanut butter in the sense that we decided to kind of do a modern story and an origin story and link them with the sort of five-year flashbacks."


Reynolds went beyond that, even helping out along the way through the initial script writing process.

"But when we wrote the script we would send pages, 10 to 20 at a time, to Ryan and he would give us his notes and his feedback as we were going," Reese said. "So I just can emphasize enough how important he was to the writing process and really this is not just Paul’s and my script, it’s Paul’s, mine, and Ryan’s from a long, long time ago. And I just wanna make sure that everyone gets that because he really deserves that recognition."