San Andreas Opening Weekend Box Office Of $53.2 Million Is a New Record For The Rock


San Andreas had a record-setting opening weekend box office for The Rock. While initial projections had placed the opening weekend for San Andreas in the $40 million range, the earthquake disaster movie actually took in a better than expected $53.2 million.

Critics might have given the film mixed reviews, but it won over moviegoers, receiving an A- CinemaScore. The $53.2 million opening weekend box office set a new record for The Rock in regards to his solo lead films, besting the $36 million opening weekend of The Scorpion King.


San Andreas also laid waste to the competition, taking in nearly $40 million more than the next closest film. Pitch Perfect 2 finished in second place with a $14.8 million box office, while Tomorrowland took third place with a $13.8 million box office. Aloha, which was the other big film opening this weekend, finished a dismal sixth with $10 million.