Sarah Michelle Gellar Voicing New Inquisitor on Star Wars Rebels

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Sarah Michelle Gellar's character on Star Wars Rebels has been revealed, in a new video that premiered on Buzzfeed. She's voicing the "Seventh Sister," one of the new Inquisitors being brought in by the Empire to hunt down the Rebels.

"I may be number 7, but I'm pretty much number 1," Gellar quips in the intro video. She also reveals exactly what her Inquisitor's mission is. "My character believes that Ahsoka is back, and she's trying to track down Ahsoka, and the Rebels... and kill them all!"

She didn't see the design before she got into the booth; in fact, she said some of her mannerisms and hand movements were brought into the animation later. Of course, her husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. voices Kanan, the Jedi leader of the Rebels crew, and as you can see in the video, that means their characters will be very directly at odds with one another.


The Inquisitors, dark side users who haven't been opened to the secrets of the Sith, had one of their ranks dispatched against the Rebels in season one, eventually dying in battle with the Jedi. That made Darth Vader get involved directly, but while he has other matters to attend to, two new Inquisitors have been sent out for Season 2.