Scott Snyder: DC Comics Considering the Case Against a Batman Price Increase For Endgame Storyline

It's possible that DC Comics's Batman, one of the industry's top sellers nearly every month, will be the first ongoing, monthly title from the Big Two to have a standard (rather than one-time) price of $4.99.

That's because the comic, regularly $3.99, will add a backup feature starting with next week's Batman #35 that will increase the cover price by a dollar. The plans were apparently revealed to retailers fairly late in the game, but DC may not have considered the possibility of a backlash considering that adding $1 for 10-page backup features has been standard practice there for about a decade.

Once they made their way public, though, fans weren't happy -- and superstar writer Scott Snyder heard them, and swooped into action:


He seemed to suggest that, even if they cannot reverse the policy, the change would be temporary, not permanent, with the storyline restricted to six issues.