Sean Astin On Goonies Sequel: "I’m Absolutely Convinced Some Version Of It Will Happen Eventually"

sean astin goonies

For years, there wasn't even a thought of remaking or sequelizing The Goonies, Richard Donner's 1985 adventure-comedy starring a cast of children in search of friendship and buries treasure.

Then, at some point about five years ago, the rumors started to swirl. Over and over again, everyone from actors to Donner to even Warner Bros. have expressed enthusiasm about a follow-up, with Donner and the cast having said at various points that it was "going to happen."

But of course it hasn't yet, and each time it sounds like they're ready to start production, and then they don't, fans start to ask whether it can -- and what shape it could possibly take now that everyone is well into their forties.

"I don’t know what it would look like either," said Astin during an interview with Yahoo!. "But I’m absolutely convinced some version of it will happen eventually, because people really want it. And when people want something that bad, it’s the job of the studio to deliver."

...Now, about that long-rumored Broadway musical version...!