South Carolina Police Arrest Frozen's Elsa For Recent Cold Front

the story of frozen

Frozen’s Queen Elsa is becoming quite the scapegoat for states with a low tolerance for the cold. 

For the second time in a week, a local police department is blaming the Disney character with Iceman-like powers for their recent coldsnap. While Kentucky was the first to crack the joke, South Carolina decided to take it a step further by not only issuing a warrant, but actually “arresting” an actress dressed as Elsa.

Working with a local company that provides princesses to birthday parties and functions, the Hanaha, SC police department staged a photoshoot of a local cop slapping pink (but thankfully not fuzzy) handcuffs on actress Courtney Fazely dressed as the Disney Queen. You can see the photos below.





So, who will be the next state to completely drive this joke into the ground?