Stan Lee Thinks Ben Affleck Will Do A Good Job As Batman, Says Daredevil Wasn’t His Fault

Stan Lee Smiling

Add Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee to the list of believers in Ben Affleck, who isn’t buying into the negativity on the Internet over Affleck being cast as Batman. Even though Batman is a character from Marvel rival DC Comics, Stan Lee only had kind words to say about Ben Affleck as Batman.

During an appearance at Fan Expo Canada this weekend, Stan Lee said, “Well, I have to tell you. I think he’s a fine actor. I think in Daredevil, it wasn’t his fault. I think he was directed badly. But that’s just me.”

Stan Lee added, “I have a feeling…I have nothing to do with Batman as you know…but I have a feeling  he’ll do a good job. Whether the public will like him, I don’t know, but I think he’s a good actor, great director too.”