Stan Lee To Have Major Role In Mallrats 2


During an appearance at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee as part of the Wild West Comedy Festival, director Kevin Smith shared some info about the upcoming Mallrats sequel. After pointing out that Stan Lee is the number one actor he's worked with if you totaled up the box office for all the movies he's been in, Smith praised Lee as being someone who is always eager to work with him.

When Smith was shooting an Avengers Audi commercial with Stan Lee, Smith told Lee that he was writing a Mallrats sequel.

Smith said Lee responded, "Oh my god, finally, now I'll get more than two lines."
Smith also revealed that Lee will play a huge part in Mallrats 2. According to Smith, Lee will come in very early in the movie, and he's there throughout the rest of the film. Smith also added that Lee had a huge third act.

Upon hearing the news of his huge role, Smith said Lee replied, "Thank god, I'm only 92. What were you waiting for?"